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Looking for something a little non-traditional

How about a little tarot with your therapy?

What is Tarot Therapy?

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I was born in Vietnam but grew up in Austin, Texas. I mention my birthplace because, in my community, fortune telling is big, but they don't read tarot cards; they read playing cards. 


My mother and I loved getting our fortunes read. I thought it was unusual that all the Vietnamese readers used playing cards while Westerners used tarot. I later learned that using a card deck called cartomancy helped me become a better tarot reader.

I joined the Great Resignation of 2020 and left the classroom after 15 years of teaching.

I took classes at the INLP Center and received my license in Neuro-linguistic Programming. Simply put, NLP helps people reframe limiting beliefs, which have become their default thinking, into thoughts more aligned with who they are rather than who they've become. 

But while I was getting my license, I needed income. I became a cartomancy reader for the app Purple Ocean. Most people do not know much about cartomancy, so I dove back into tarot to get more customers.

I opened a successful practice called Good Thoughts NLP. But I also LOVE reading tarot for people. I combined my love of tarot and helping people with tarot therapy. 

Austin Tarot Therapy offers experienced tarot therapy from an intuitive, certified tarot reader. Led by me, Linda O'Neal, I bring a combination of compassion, trust, and education to each of my clients so that they can get the most from their tarot therapy sessions.

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